Health Update and Shoes

Monday, September 21, 2015

My Dear Wanders,

I'm back from getting my kidney stone blasted. It was a rough week ended up in the ER twice. Everything with the kidney stone was great they blasted it to smithereens my problem was a reaction to the anesthesia. I am back to normal, except....I still have not gotten back my sense of taste.  The other sad part of all this are the items I have to cut out of my diet so this doesn't happen again. Who knew many of the items are healthy foods, spinach, nuts, berries, chocolate (sorry I'm not given up chocolate, moderation) and tea.  The tea hit me hard, I drink a ton of ice tea.

Enough of that, I'm healthy once again.

What I want to tell you about are my new shoes!

I have discovered Chocolaticas (click link) the most darling Mary Jane's ever.  They are so comfortable and they make my feet look so tiny, big plus.

The pair I got are Eternal Love and the packaging is so clever...a milk carton.

There are two more pairs I want  Flora La Muerte and Tattoo Women they are sold out in my size and I'm hoping they get more in stock.

Love and Peace,