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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our summers are getting hotter this year in Southern Utah. Last year I didn't even have to turn on the air conditioner. I'm hoping for some relief from the monsoon weather when the clouds take over in the afternoon and we have a little rain and a few thunderstorms. I find monsoon season soothing. It also makes for some beautiful sunsets.

When it's hot like this I like to eat lighter meals. I'm sharing with you my recipe for a Blackberry Prosciutto Cheese Quesadilla. This makes for a very light lunch and low in calories.

Blackberry Prosciutto Cheese Quesadilla

1 small flour tortilla
brie cheese, sliced thin (I used less than 2 oz)
asiago cheese, slice thin (I used 1/2 oz)
3 small sage leaves, chopped small
1 1/2 teaspoon Smucker's Simply Fruit, Blackberry Jam
1 thin slice prosciutto

Layer 1/2 the tortilla with brie, asiago, sage, jam and prosciutto. Fold in half and place on a pre-heated flat griddle pan on medium heat for about 2 minutes, flip and heat until cheese has melted. I calculated my quesadilla calories right about 350.  Serve with fresh blackberries or a green salad.

Next time I make this quesadilla I think I will have to break out a glass of white wine.

Peace and Love,


Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. - Bob Marley

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